ForcePoint – SASE Cyber Summit

ForcePoint’s LIVE summit included them and 8 of their partners

The primary audience for this event was in the US, and we delivered this successful virtual event together with our partner ‘High Attendance’.

ForcePoint’s event was amazing, mainly because of the engagement of their audience with the platform. Attendees participated in a Scavenger hunt and competed over rankings in the leaderboard.

Meetings were scheduled with representatives of each partner independently and now, after the live event is over, people can still register and consume the content in the platform – all in one great, interactive place!

  • 10 Live sessions with Q&A.
  • Nine exhibitors companies presenting in the event
  • For each exhibitor: on-demand videos, pdf files, and chat room as well an option to host live meetings on-site or schedule for later
  • ForcePoint’s event included two platforms – 3D-360º and 2D in which each attendee could browse through either at any point.


AquaMaof’s plan was to transfer their global project exhibition to a virtual one, so anyone can see from any point in the globe what they are doing.

Their one of a kind space was designed with their branding and a unique exhibition area to show case their work.

They now can continue to do business in an easy, engaging way, allowing people set up a meeting with their experts in any subject, and know what is most interesting to their audience, by receiving online analytics.


OTORIO’s environment was tailor made for their needs and by emphasizing their brand they achieved their goal.

In the auditorium OTORIO held their Live sessions with Q&A, so attendees could get the answers they were looking for.

Several designated areas were build in the purpose of presenting On-Demand content, which allowed attendees to watch more videos and download PDF files.

OTORIO embraced our platform as a tool to hold virtual events for their audience every time they want to. This enables them to broaden their audience list before each event, making more people engage with their content and the service they offer.

Methodica – e-learning Live

Methodica’s event was a great success, not only because it was held when no frontal event was possible, but also more attendees could watch and learn from the live sessions than in a regular frontal event.

With a fraction of the cost of the original event Methodica got a platform they are planning to use for many different activities.

Methodica’s LIVE experience was 90 minutes of Unique content -

  • 4 Live presentations and Q&A sessions with dozens of questions and interactions.
  • Customized lobby showcasing their products.
  • Already two successful events executed and three more in the way in the next months

Allot Partnering 360°

Allot Partnering 360° - a recent event that we had produced together with Allot.

The event held closed for invited attendees only, as an onboarding event for Allot's Partners, which included three days of live sessions, networking by video and audio divided by regions, Training Rooms for certification, and lots of on-demand content that served the partners as a knowledge base.

The E-learning aspect of the event included training classes & lessons that helped the partners to undergo certification and taught how to sell Allot's solutions and services successfully.

Allot displayed leadership & innovation. The event was very successful. It created a "WOW" effect for many of Allot's partners, generating a high rate of engagement & participation in live Q&A, and consumption of on-demand content.

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